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About us

The company owner is in stationery Business for over 40 years, being a major importer, wholesaler and distribution of office stationery. 

The company's phylosophy is to supply high quality producta at very competitve prices and excellent service. We give emphasis on personal conduct and we are always willing to help our customers. We always believe in P.Q.S. (price,quality,service) which we consider our basic strength. These factors help us maintain a long term business relationship.

Our Major business is the supply of stationery and paper products for your office in different brands.

Our staff is well trained to coverthe needs of our business clients. It is very important for us to get your feedback and always keep improving.

Our warehouses are more than 1,000 square metres and we maintain a huge range of items in big quantities to keep our customers satisfied.

Our Lines include

Lever Arch Files                                Box Files                                 Tapes

Flat Files                                           Suspension Files                     Envelopes

Document Files                                 Pockets/Folders                      Memo Sticks/cubes

Glues/erasers                                   Pens/Pencils                            Boards

Thermal Rolls                                    Cah Register Rolls                  Markers

Copy Paper                                       Printer paper continuous         Textliners

Office desktops                                 Paper clips/pins                       Acrylic displays

Inks and Toners                                Dividers/Indexes                       Name Badges

Paper punch                                     Staplers/staples                        Magazine Files

Lamination                                         Spirals                                      Letter Trays

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