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Returns Policy

We always accept returns for our products within a week from their delivery, provided they are in the same physical condition when they were delivered.

Any damaged product must be claimed within 3 working days from its delivery. Shortages in any product must be reported immediately. All damaged products are replaced and any shortages is covered immediately. 

We do never return any money for an order that is already being received and paid. We do replace all returns of products with other products.


Payment Policy

We do not ask for money when you place an order. For all of our partners we have interrest free credit facilities. Special conditions and prices are evaluated according to order volume.


Ordering Procedure

Orders are made by two ways:

A) On line ordering using our web site. You choose all the products you want, are kept in a cart and when you finish you proceed to submit the order. Immediately you receive by email a confirmation of the order. At that time your personal discount rate is not deducted.

B) By email: 

Please note that some pictures are only for demonstration purposes and understanding. Final product may vary but quality is always kept high.

For any product that is not in the web site please call and we will quote for you.



Prices are valid during the day of the order, and once you order the prices cannot change. We keep the right to change prices without any prior notice.

Prices DO NOT INCLUDE VAT. Therefore Current Vat rate is added to the total value of the order.

All business customers have their special discount rate which is agreed with them. All items that have a second reduced price, they do not have any other extra discount.



All complaints must be made on time by email and they are immediately handled. 



In order to be able to order through our online ordering system you must firstly register. All Registrations must wait for at least one working day for their approval. keeps the right to disapprove any customer.


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